Introducing Belarus

06/09/2012 14:32


Republic of Belarus

Full name: The Republic of Belarus 
Government type: presidential republic
President: Alexander Lukashenko 
Capital: Minsk (1 million 885,1 thousand)
Population: 9 million 465,2 thousand 
Major languages: Belarusian, Russian
Monetary unit: Belarusian ruble (Br)


Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia in the north and east, Ukraine in the south, Poland in the west and Lithuania and Latvia in the north. With a complex history and rich architecture Belarus is a wonderful place to explore no matter what time of year. With a diverse geographyand a passion for natural history and wildlife Belarus would be an outdoor enthusiasts' dream. Whether this is your first visit to Belarus or your fifth, come explore all it has to offer.

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Introducing Lithuania

Lithuania, officially the Republic of Lithuania is a country in Eastern Europe, the largest of the three Baltic states. It is situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the east of Sweden and Denmark. Read more.......
CurrencyLithuanian litas
Official languageLithuanian language


Introducing Turkey


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GovernmentUnitary stateParliamentary republic



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GovernmentFederacyParliamentary republic



Introducing Romania

Romania is a country located at the intersection of Central and Southeastern Europe, bordering on the Black Sea. Romania shares a border with Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Moldova to the northeast and east, and Bulgaria to the south. Read more....
CurrencyRomanian leu
Official languageRomanian Language
GovernmentUnitary stateSemi-presidential systemRepublic