About Us

Samsonite Consultants is an Educational Consulting firm that provides a personal assistance and a follow up on all aspects of studies in  more-than 5 Schengen countries including Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Malta, Finland and Norway. Also, admissions to higher institutions in Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus and Turkey.

Samsonite Consultants serve as a liaison between prospective students and universities abroad in order to minimize the stress of admissions applications, and help ease the transition of students who plan to pursue their studies in the Europe.
We offer our services from Student's Visas to Visitor's Visas to all Schengen countries, Canada, Belarus, Qatar, USA, and Dubai. Also, Company Registration in Schengen Countries Like Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Temporary Residence permits for minimum of 1 year.
With our good reputations, we’re looking for agents to represent us in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Our priority is your satisfaction. The advantage of our professionalism and years of experience in the market. In addition, our trained staff take care of most of the fastest and most effective solutions to your contract. Of course there is the personal approach and high care.

We are dedicated to constant improvement and enhancement of our services. Each client is a valued customer, and an opportunity for us to improve the delivery of our services.

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