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What is the process of getting admission into the university?

Answer. You will need to send us following information at studyinbelarusatyourconcern@gmail.com Required information and Documents for Admission are Secondary School Certificate and Passport scan copy (Should be clearly visible)(Color copy). Soon after receiving the required information we will inform you about the approval of your application within 2 working days.
Note: Please also let us know that how you came to know about our university?

- What should I do after receiving my invitation letter?
Answer. You need the following documents while arriving to Belarus inorder for you to get your visa if there is no Belarusian Embassy/Consulate in the country of your region.. These documents are necessary to get the visa successfully at Belarus airport.

Arrival Requirements:
1. University fee. (show money at airport)
2. TB and other medical tests. (Original. should be printed and not be written by hand. Stamped properly)
3. HIV report on separate paper not should be with other medical report
4. Original Secondary School Certificates
5. Birth certificate
6. 6 photos 4x6cm
All above mentioned documents should be Attested and notarized by the state government.
Please scan us your air ticket 5 working days before the travel.

- Where can I obtain the belarusian entrance visa if there is no Belarusian Embassy/Consulate in my country?
Answer: Then you should apply for the belarusian entrance visa to the Belarusian Embassy/Consulate in the country of your region.

- Should I inform the university representatives of my arrival time at the Minsk airport?
Answer: Yes. This will help you to avoid any complications with your entry to the Republic of Belarus.

- I don’t have Belarus embassy in my country. How I will receive the visa?
Answer. You will get visa at Belarus airport on arrival. If university representative and our staff are not informed about the arrival then, immigration deports the student to the his/her homeland so we always advise our applicants to must inform us 6 days in advance about their arrival. Scan us your air ticket also.

- Should I have any pocket money at the time of my arrival at the Minsk airport or it is just enough to obtain the money traveler checks or to have an ATM-card?
Answer: Yes. It is strongly recommended that you have enough pocket money in order to prove to the Belarusian officials your financial eligibility to pay the university tuition fees and to handle some other expenses. It could be about 4000 – 6400 USD for the Cost of all Requirements mentioned Below. You will also take with you BTA


- In which medium (Language) I will complete my studies?
Answer. All other course are available in Russian.Only Medicine (M.D,BDS, PhD) is available in English whole 6 years.

- Which kind of courses do you offer?
Answer. Following courses are being offered

 If there is Belarusian Embassy/Consulate in the country of your region, and you needs help, don't hestitate to contact us as one of our staff will get back to you with 10 hours.